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    Get a professional WordPress website for your business or organization. WordPress' extensive library of open-source plugins and tools allow us to develop enterprise-quality websites in less time, for less money.

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    We use search engine optimization and paid search marketing to develop internet marketing campaigns that will flood your website with relevant visitors who want to learn more about your business or organization.

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    Whether your business runs on online sales, lead generation, or driving customers from the web into your business, we've got you covered. The final piece of a successful website is converting visitors into paying customers

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Website Design & Internet Marketing for Small Businesses & Nonprofit Organizations

Calling All VT Contractors

We are currently building a digital marketing platform specifically for service contractors. Help us out by completing our 5 minute marketing survey and we’ll give you a $20 gift card to one of five area restaurants. Lunch is on us!

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Burlington Bytes is a small web design and internet marketing firm in Burlington, VT. We’ve been building business websites for 14 years, and have run our own businesses in Burlington for 5 years.  We know what it takes to market a small business online, and how to ensure that you maximize the return on every marketing dollar spent. Contact us today, we look forward to working with you!

Web Design for Small Businesses

Marketing your small business online requires more than a simple website. We can help you connect all the components of a successful online web presence so you can focus on running your business. Whether you’re just getting online, or need to replace your first-generation websites, we can help you drive customers stores from the web to your business.

Web Design for Marketing Agencies

The web has been changing at a rapid pace in the past decade, and your marketing agency might be finding you’re behind the curve. We can seamlessly provide that missing piece behind the scenes, enabling you to offer professional web design and internet marketing to your existing clients without the expense of hiring an extra employee.

  • Burlington Bytes is celebrating our fourth year in business, thanks to all our clients and supporters!