Experienced LAMP Developer Wanted

We’re looking for an experienced LAMP developer to join our team full-time. Experience in WordPress is ideal, but not necessary if you’re capable of learning. We also do some Magento work, so experience on that platform would also be great. Work will be on one large project to start, and then a wide variety of projects as they come up. We have over 150 clients and advertise pretty heavily, so you’ll never know what’s next. Your work will be almost exclusively for the web, and it would be great to have a mix of front-end and back-end experience. Back-end examples would be migrating inventory between systems, setting up custom WP ad panels, dynamically creating product ads from products. Front-end work includes styling up responsive designs, using JS to make things move around on the screen, google mapping (maybe this is more back-end?) and much more. We’ve got a team of 11 with three experienced developers, so you’ll be in good company.

We have a fun office with a growing team and rapidly growing business, send your resume to careers@burlingtonbytes.com if you’re interested.