A Beginner’s Guide to Working with Social Media Influencers

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Working with social media influencers has become arguably one of the most effective and organic methods of reaching one’s audience in recent years. It is, however, a trend many have yet to adopt. Smaller businesses in particular either don’t have the budget or knowledge to use influencers to their advantage. 

So what exactly is a social media influencer?

According to Pixlee:

  • A Social Media Influencer is a user on social media who has established credibility in a specific industry. A social media influencer has access to a large audience and can persuade others by virtue of their authenticity and reach.

Think of them like a celebrity endorser only they appear more relatable and more genuine because they are everyday people. Influencers can range in age from children to the elderly and they span across every industry imaginable.

Why work with them?

The following infographic by MediaKix gives a pretty clear idea why:


Where can you find influencers?

  • A great place to start is on social platforms themselves such as Instagram and Twitter. You will want to search trending hashtags within  your industry and look for people who are involved in the conversations. Do you have a an engaged following? Are people replying to their comments and reposting their content? All important things to consider.


  • Another place to start is on Google, simply type in “nutrition social media influencers” and Google will do the rest. You will of course want to take the time to go through each profile you find to make sure they are actually credible enough to partner with.


  • If you are working with a larger budget paying for a third party tool can be the most effective way. Tools like Upfluence  and Experticity  can partner you with influencers directly through their site. These influencers have already signed off on being contacted and are actively seeking partnerships.

What are your partnership options?

  • Collaborative post: Work with an influencer to create content together that can be posted both on their platforms and your own. This works like brand sponsored content.


  • Long Term Ambassador Roles: This is like a long term partnership in which you would create multiple posts or content opportunities with this person. It is not a “one off”, this method requires a larger budget but can be more effective long term because it makes the influencers involvement with the brand more authentic.


  •  Event Activation: This requires you to put on an event with one or multiple influencers. It is an opportunity to bring multiple influencers together and their audience outside of the digital space. This builds a stronger relationship with consumers because it allows them to interact with your brand offline.


  •  Influencer Takeover: This can span from 24 hours to a week long, during this time you would allow an influencer to take over your social media as the name suggests. Popular tactics can include Q & A sessions, posting to your platforms directly, live streaming, and exclusive behind the scenes content with your brand and the influencer.


  • The PR Approach: reach out for an interview or full profile piece on the influencer.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 3.42.40 PMSephora sponsored YouTube video by online vlogger and social influencer Summer Mckeen

How should you reach out?


The easiest and most effective way to reach out to an influencer is to email them directly. Most if not all will have an email listed on their website or in their Instagram/Twitter bio. It is best to use their business email if specified.

Sample Email 

Hi _____,

I’m [name] I work at [name of business] and we are looking to get involved with influencers in the [industry name] industry. Our goal is to promote [name of product/business] and raise overall awareness.

We would love to partner with you to create content for our social channels in order to tap into new audiences. As it stands we are open to working in collaboration with you to share your voice on our platforms. 

Let me know if this is something you may be interested in and we can discuss further details.

Thank you for your time.


[Your Name]


If they list their phone number it is fair game to reach out with a phone call. However, there may be a lot of back and forth via the phone so if you are on deadline email may serve as a better option.

What are the next steps?

Meet with your team and go over your current marketing budget and plan. Think of areas where influencers could add value to your business and decide if they can be incorporated into your new campaigns. Once a decision has been made spend time doing research looking for relevant and successful influencers. With the right research and planning, using social media influencers to market your business could add real value and set you apart from the competition.


Comment and let us know what your experiences have been working with influencers!

Join Us For Our Holiday Party: Friday, December 11th!

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Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 4.38.31 PM

With all this warm weather we’ve been having, it’s hard to believe that the holidays are right around the corner. With that said, we’re wasting no time planning for our upcoming Burlington Bytes Holiday Party and you’re invited!

Be sure to save the date for Friday, December 11th, beginning at 7pm. This year’s party will be taking place at our office (located at 2 Church Street, Suite 101, downstairs) and will feature catering from EB Strong’s Steakhouse, as well as an open bar (until we drink up our budget)! Get ready to bust a move on the dance floor, because DJ Cre8 will be on the turntables, playing all the hits!

We’re also working on some additional entertainment ideas, so stay tuned. After the party is over (around 11pm), join us at Nectar’s downtown for the after party ‘cuz we’re going all night!

Looking for an excuse to look sharp? Bust out your snazzy formal cocktail attire and dress to impress! Also, please feel free to bring a guest(s) if you’d like, the more the merrier!

We hope you can make it! Please visit our Facebook page to RSVP!

See you next month!

Man Versus Woman: How Is Google Going To Solve Its Gender Issues?

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As it stands, there is a major gender gap in the technology industry. In 2014, “only 30 percent of all Google employees were women,” stated WNYC 93.9, and those numbers don’t lie. Google executives who are female, make up only 21 percent of the workplace, while only 15 percent held technical jobs. Let’s not forget to include Hispanic and African Americans to that statistic either, which represent an even smaller number not just for Google, but for the entire tech workforce.

So, what’s the solution? How are companies like Google going to become more diverse and decrease the gender gap? The answers need to dig deeper than the surface. They need to look beyond just the company’s diversity statistics and start taking action to seriously address this major issue.

Google’s head of Human Resources, Laszlo Bock, is an author of a new book called “Work Rules!: Insights from Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live and Lead.”He tackles specific tactics targeting the gender gap, and gives us three examples on how this change can occur. Here are the examples:

1. Unconscious Bias Training

A diversity training is required for all Google employees when they are hired. One part of the training requires Googlers to examine optical illusions, “two things that look the same, but measured separately, really aren’t – and moves on to more concrete workplace scenarios,” states Bock. The purpose here is, is that all people make errors in their judgments, so don’t point fingers. “If you go to somebody and talk about diversity or gender issues, the typical reaction is ‘Well, I don’t have a problem,’ or ‘Well, I just disagree.’ And then there are a bunch of people in the middle who are like ‘Oh my God diversity training? Do I really have to spend more time on this?” Bock states, “If you talk about ‘we all have these biases,’ it totally short circuits this.”

2. “The nudge.”

Promotions are a big part of empowering women and making the playing field a bit more even. Google’s engineers who are women, were the ones nominating themselves for promotions. However, women were not nominating themselves as much as their male coworkers. Alan Eustace, who heads the engineering program at Google thought of a great way to connect to the female demographic, by crafting an email that encouraged more women to nominate themselves. The email was a success and the end result? More women got promotions. The emails went out again periodically, then Bock forgot to send another. The result? The rate of women’s promotions saw a decrease.

3. Extend family leave.

Obviously, more women are leaving Google at a steadier rate then men are after having a child. So, to counter that, Google extended their family leave policy from three months to five months. “This is one where we stumbled into it because it’s the right thing to do, an we were fortunate to find the data supported us afterward,” said Bock…and women who had been leaving at twice the rate of men before the change, started leaving at the same rate as men. The rate dropped by 50 percent.”Bock also mentions that you can save money by paying more for maternity leave. Hiring and replacing a valuable employee costs much more than two extra months of leave for new parents.

Obviously, these are just a few tactics that can help shrink the gender gap. More and more companies like Google are trying to find ways to get to the root of the problem. But, are these really going to become game changers? Do you see gender issues in your workplace? What do you think needs to happen in the workforce in order for men and women to be equal? Share your thoughts with us.

Google Introduces New Ad Data Platform To Help Connect Better With Its Audience


Google recently announced it will be adding something new to its advertising sector. They are currently testing a new advertising product, as they approach the final stages needed to complete its “ad tech superstructure,” stated AdWeek. The purpose of this ad structure advancement, is aimed to “help target ads and connect brands with people online more effectively,” according to sources familiar to this plan.

DoubleClick Audience Center is the name of the new platform, which is sourced from the brand name of Google’s ad products for both digital marketers and publishers. “What they are trying to offer the community is a one-stop shop ad stack all in Google,” said one digital marketing executive.” The platform has many different uses and values. Advertisers have a demand-side platform to purchase digital ads, while publishers have an ad exchange to sell ads, all the while, measuring performance and allowing it to be in a powerful position in search and mobile.

Due to this data management platform, this service is not in full effect yet. The Audience Center will be available to “advertisers using DoubleClick ad exchange and third-party ad networks, allowing them to input more data – either their own, such as data from a supermarket’s loyalty scheme, or from a third party provider – about the audiences they are looking to target with their online ads before they make,” said Business Insider. Google confirmed that the platform is working, but has declined to give out more details on the matter.

Google’s biggest rival at the moment is Facebook, which offers a people-based ad platform that reaches its 1.4 billion users. They are also able to use tools for branding, that help them target a specific audience, including other tech ad offerings as well. Other people in the industry, have been trying to keep up with Facebook’s pace, while trying to line up data to the correct users and which devices they are using. Google’s challenge lies in how to connect a person’s web identity from different devices. However, “Google has two dominant properties that a data management platform could integrate-billions of users of its search engine and more than 1 billion Android users,” said AdWeek.

Google is receiving mixed reviews about their new data platform and how it’s effecting its rivals. What are your thoughts on the matter? We’d love to hear what you think!

We say “Goodbye and Good Luck” to our previous Copywriter and Social Media Strategist, Amanda Shepherd and welcome a new member to the team!

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A few weeks ago, Amanda accepted a position as Web Developer at Vermont Public Radio and we couldn’t be happier for her. Her attitude and dedication to the profession has contributed to where she is today. She played an important part on our team and we will miss having her around. We hope she’ll still make it to our Christmas Party next month.

We hoped to fill Amanda’s shoes with someone who possessed a friendly demeanor, tenacious work ethic and valuable skill set. After searching and searching for the perfect candidate, hoping to find the best woman for the job, we found who we were looking for.

We welcomed Emily Bellmore to join the Burlington Bytes team on November 10th. Emily, or “Boo” as some of her friends and colleagues call her, lives here in Burlington and has for fourteen years. She received her Public Relations degree from Champlain College in 2007. It was then that she decided the great state of Vermont was going to become her permanent home. After graduation she landed a job at American Flatbread Burlington Hearth. As she moved from host to server, manager to bartender, she realized a perfect opportunity to utilize her degree. In 2010, she designed a Social Media Coordinator position aimed at streamlining the restaurant’s marketing strategies. Since its inception, she has been responsible for planning events, community outreach and managing various social media platforms.

Emily currently serves as a mentor for the Boys and Girls Club, and has been with the same mentee for almost seven years. In her free time, she loves to travel, go hiking, biking and when it is not summer or fall, bowling in a local league.

We’re thrilled to have a new member join our team here at Burlington Bytes. We believe Emily will help our customers grow on all social platforms while maintaining a voice that is fun, motivating and exciting. We think “Boo” has what it takes, to not only work with a bunch of guys, (no really, the ratio is 4:1), but also a funny, fresh and meaningful attitude that will vibe great with our clients, goals, and workplace.

Welcome to the team!

New Advertising Hire


topher_pictureAs the newest employee I am in the very exciting position of taking over the fast growing digital advertising piece of Burlington Bytes. I had been working on the side with Pete and Jay for about a year on various projects and campaigns when the opportunity to come on board full time presented itself. I immediately jumped at the chance to be part of such a dynamic team. I first worked for Pete while a student at Champlain College as an intern at his first company GoTradingPost. After graduating I worked for a small tech startup in Colchester VT for five years doing online marketing, web/mobile app product development, and a myriad of other support roles. It was an incredible experience and allowed me to gain expertise in digital marketing and web analytics. I grew to appreciate how flexible and responsive small businesses can be, giving them the ability to meet clients needs on a much more personal level.

One of the most appealing things about working with Burlington Bytes is being involved with the diverse community of businesses that Vermont has to offer. Every day I get to learn about these organizations and help them connect with their customers on a number of different levels. During the short time that I have been here full time I have seen an incredible amount of growth with Burlington Bytes and cannot wait to see where the next months and years will take us!

If you have any questions about digital advertising drop me a line at topher@burlingtonbytes.com for a free consultation.