Facebook Ads & Advertising Management in Vermont

If you’re familiar with the term ‘narrowcasting’ then you’ll be intrigued by Facebook’s available ad targeting options. With Facebook Advertising, you can advertise to get more page likes or drive traffic to your website and target users based on their individual profile ‘likes’ and ‘interests’ ranging from liked sports teams and activities to favorite movies & tv-shows, all the while selecting a target age range, sex and location.

At Burlington Bytes, our Facebook Advertising Management service includes ongoing management of Page Like Ads, Page Post Ads and Facebook Marketplace Ads to promote your Facebook Page while driving highly targeted traffic towards your website. Our service features Facebook Ad Campaign Planning & Development, Asset Creation & Development as well as ongoing management of bids and targeting.


  • Facebook Advertising Campaign Planning
  • Asset Creation & Development
  • Ongoing Management & Optimization of Bids, Placements & Targeting
  • Regular Reporting, Analysis & Correspondence

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