Remarketing & Display Advertising Services in Vermont

It’s known that a good conversion rate for any website is between 10-15% depending on your industry. What makes Display Remarketing such a powerful advertising tool is that it allows you to recapture that remaining 80-85% of site traffic that didn’t convert. With Display Remarketing, you place a cookie in a user’s browser once they visit your website and then follow that user around as they browse other websites like Youtube or New York Times and serve them Display Advertisements for your business.

If you’re looking to expand your brands reach or to drum up interest in your brand outside of your existing site visitors, explore Contextual Display Advertising. With Contextual Display, we can serve Display Advertisements on websites that fall under topics like ‘Money & Finance,’ ‘Yoga,’ ‘Sports & Fitness,’ ‘Food & Drink,’ or we can select from various sites on the Google Display Network like,,, where your target audience may be.

Remarketing and/or Display Advertising Features:

  • Display Campaign Planning
  • Asset Creation & Development
  • Customized Retargeting Lists or Cookie Pools
  • Management & Optimization of Scheduling, Placements, Bids & Targeting
  • Regular Reporting, Analysis & Correspondence

Display Creative Designed & Developed by Burlington Bytes
a. Standard Skyscraper Display Assets
VC-120x600-ad-3      VC-120x600-ad-2

b. Standard Rectangle Banner Ads
VC-300x250-ad-3      VC-300x250-ad-4

c. Standard Leaderboard Creative Assets


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