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If you have a product or service that has a strong visual component, Youtube Advertising can be a very cost-effective way for you to advertise and demonstrate your product to a target audience. With Youtube In-Stream Advertising, you can target users based on location, demographics and interests then serve your ad in-stream before their original video begins. On Youtube, you only pay when someone watches more than 30 seconds of your ad, so if you can demonstrate your product and deliver your message within the first 30 Seconds, you can get free branding amongst a highly target audience.

As part of our AdWords Management service we’ll utilize our expertise as a Google Partner to manage your Google Adwords Youtube Advertising campaign and ensure that your campaign is setup and managed according to best-practices. Our service features Youtube Video Ad Campaign Planning & Development, Storyboarding of Individual Assets as well as ongoing management of bids, targeting settings and exclusions.

Youtube Advertising Management Features:
• Youtube Video Ad Campaign Planning
• Individual Video Asset Storyboarding & Development
• Ongoing Management & Optimization of Bids, Placements & Targeting
• Regular Reporting, Analysis & Correspondence

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