Dodge Ski Boots – Essex, VT

Client: Dodge Ski Boots

Year: 2014

What they do

Dodge Ski Boots, founded in 2009, started with a simple goal; they wanted to make the best ski boot possible. Dave Dodge and Bill Doble, two longtime ski racers, set out to change boot technology and ended up creating a revolutionary, lightweight, comfortable ski boot for any skill level.

What we’re doing

Dodge Ski Boots came to us at the end of 2013 ski season with a big challenge. They were planning a large marketing push for the 2014/2015 season, with a goal of penetrating 1% of the North American ski boot market. Select Design was contracted for brand development and produced a new logo, photography, copy, and photoshop designs for Dodge’s new website. We took all of their assets and built a custom WordPress website, integrated with WooCommerce for a tailored shopping experience. We’ll be working with Dodge throughout the next couple seasons to run Google display, search, and Facebook advertising targeted at ski resort areas throughout the US and Canada.