Gonzo’s HD Sports – South Burlington, VT

Client: Gonzo's HD Sports

Year: 2014


What they do

Steve Gonsalves, aka Gonzo, owns and operates Gonzo’s HD Sports in South Burlington — Vermont’s only place to experience a high definition sports simulator. Gonzo’s also has a full bar, indoor golf shop, and they host events like birthday parties and corporate outings.

What we’re doing

What started as a relatively small project morphed into a full on redesign when we discovered the previous website for Gonzo’s was mired in SEO problems and technical limitations. Steve wanted his new site to be “more fun”, and bring attention to the fact that Gonzo’s is not just a place to work on your golf swing anymore. A big part of this was building out content to promote Gonzo’s as a venue for events in South Burlington. We’re continuing to manage the new website, as well as Steve’s various digital marketing needs.