Ladd Research Industries – Williston, VT

Client: Ladd Research Industries

Year: 2013

What They Do

Located in Williston, VT, Ladd Research Industries is a provider of products mainly used in the field of electron microscopy. From tweezers to diamond saws Ladd’s inventory consists of over 5000 products, including self developed goods such as insect traps. Ladd’s goal is to deliver quality service and the best products to their customers.

What We’re Doing

Prior to their redesign Ladd Research’s website contained very basic HTML and lacked online shopping functionality. Our goal was to provide Ladd with a more efficient and up-to-date website. We created a robust e-commerce site that is more user friendly, aesthetic and dynamic. The new site has improved order processing and inventory regulation, simplifying the sales process for Ladd’s extensive catalog of laboratory products.