Phil Scott for Governor 2016

Client: Phil Scott for Vermont 2016

Year: 2016

What He Does

Phil Scott is (as of this writing) the current Lieutenant Governor of Vermont, an office he has held since 2011. In addition to being a public servant, Phil is also a small-business owner and racecar driver. He announced his candidacy for Vermont Governor in September of 2015, and is currently campaigning throughout the State as a member of the Republican party.

What We’ve Done

The Internet is a such powerful tool for politicians during an election year. Whether it be collecting donations, organizing volunteers, or just getting the message out– a strong web presence will surely broaden that reach. The Phil Scott campaign recognized this early on, and after a thorough interview process, chose Burlington Bytes to help bring Phil’s vision for Vermont online. The resulting redesign of is a custom built, “mobile first” template carved from PSDs conceptualized by our own graphic designer. The website regularly features live video streaming events, news from the campaign, and updates from the man himself. Burlington Bytes is continuing to work with the campaign on site improvements and digital strategy. Remember to vote November 8th!