The Theory of Mind Inventory – Burlington, VT

Client: The Theory of Mind Inventory

What They Do

The Theory of Mind Inventory is a new method developed at UVM for assessing theory of mind, a key component of diagnosing and treating Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in children. This measure is designed to identify areas of strength and weakness in an individuals social-cognitive profile and can be used to identify developmentally appropriate targets for treatment.

What We’re Doing

This was a fun and challenging project from a development standpoint. In addition to a typical informational website, the client needed several tools to help people complete and assess ToMI measures.  This site includes a 3 part digital version of the measure that collects demographic information from the patient, and has a 47 question measure that is completed using form sliders.   Data from this measure is stored to a database for use in improving the measure. We also built a tool that allows clinicians and other developmental professionals to score their measures, cross reference the results with established results, and generate a printable report. If you’ve got a challenging web development project, get in touch with us.