Walsh Electric Supply – Colchester, VT

Client: Walsh Electric Supply

Year: 2014


What they do

Walsh Electric Supply is a locally owned electrical supply company in Colchester, VT. They’ve been a Vermont owned and operated company since 1959, and grown to become a leading source of electrical products in the State. One of their core philosophies when it comes to customer service is “never say no.”

What we’re doing

One of the main reasons that Walsh started to look for a new website was the lack of functionality offered by their previous webmaster. Although they did have a decent web presence, there was no Google Analytics reporting, and changes were often difficult to implement. The Walsh management team was also looking to sell their full line of discount LED light bulbs online. Their new website was built around this goal of selling online, and their new online store utilizes conditional logic in order to comply with State based incentives and local tax options.