WD Matthews – Auburn, ME

Client: WD Matthews

Year: 2011


What They Do

WD Matthews is an aerial lift and forklift sales and service company, headquartered in Maine. They have multiple locations throughout the Northeast and a large force of sales and service employees that are constantly on the road selling and repairing equipment. They contacted us with a unique problem: they needed a smartphone-compatible website that would allow their employees to submit the time spent on jobs to the central office for payroll and billing processing.  They were using a manual process that was eating up too much time, and costing too much money.

What We’re Doing

We built a mobile website that included this timesheet functionality and much more.  The timecard functionality allows employees to enter their repair order number along with a date and their time in and time out, and the website saves it to a database.  After submitting their individual entries throughout the day, they can review and submit all entries at the close of business.  At the end of each day, the time entries for all users are aggregated into a single spreadsheet, which is automatically emailed to the proper departments for processing.  We also include a Contacts directory with clickable phone numbers for staff, as well as a repository where employees can download sales or service manuals.