• Peter Jewett

    Peter Jewett

    Founder, Partner
    802-448-4001  x 701

    Peter founded Burlington Bytes in 2010, with the goal of helping Vermont businesses grow online. Peter currently handles sales, business development, and puts the final stamp on all website projects.

  • Jason DiVece

    Jason DiVece

    802-448-4001  x 702

    Jason joined the BBytes team in 2011, and came on full-time as a partner in 2012. Jason handles day to day operations, account management, website creation and SEO.

  • Andrew Stickney

    Andrew Stickney

    802-448-4001  x 713

    Andrew Stickney joined in 2016 as the CEO of Burlington Bytes. Andrew is managing the current growth and planned expansion of the company. Andrew is the former Vice President of the Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies, a seed venture fund and business incubator in Burlington, VT.

  • Brian Bittman

    Brian Bittman

    WordPress, Magento, & Web Development
    802-448-4001  x 704

    Brian is our lead developer and technical problem solver. He's always working to understand our clients' systems, and will "take the reins" to get even the most complex websites under control.

  • Greg Schoppe

    Greg Schoppe

    WordPress & Web Development
    802-448-4001  x 705

    Greg is a developer and is well-versed in a variety of coding languages. He handles most of our responsive designs and has the HTML/CSS skills to make sites work across all modern devices. Greg is our resident comedian, and is constantly trying out new jokes on the team (40% are good, 60% are awful).

  • Cody Mix

    Cody Mix

    Graphic Design, Website Production
    802-448-4001  x 706

    Cody is a member of our website production team and handles all our graphic design work. He designs everything from logos to posters to full website mock-ups, and works with our clients to make these designs come alive on the web.

  • Emily Bellmore

    Emily Bellmore

    Social Media & Email Marketing
    802-448-4001  x 707

    Emily manages our social media service and spends her days curating, creating, and scheduling content. From Facebook to Twitter to Constant Contact, she works with our clients to get their messages and brand distributed to customers all over the web.

  • Mitch Berriman

    Mitch Berriman

    Digital Marketing Manager: Advertising/ SEO
    802-448-4001  x 708

    Mitch is our go-to guy for search engine optimization and online advertising. He works with our clients to identify relevant keywords and phrases, and then uses a variety of tools to provide integrated SEO & advertising campaigns.

  • Lilly Thompson

    Lilly Thompson

    Technical Support Desk Manager
    802-448-4001  x 709

    Lilly works on our support team handling tickets as they are sent in by any and all of our existing clients. She strives to ensure a quick turnaround time on tasks ranging from general development questions to bug fixes and beyond. When the support box is unusually slow, Lilly is brought in on miscellaneous development projects.

  • Kristina Drobny

    Kristina Drobny

    Project Manager
    802-448-4001  x 710

    Kristina is the project manager for new client websites. She has over 10 years of experience in graphic arts and marketing communication. Creating processes, building websites, and working with people are all things she thoroughly enjoys. She's a huge Google Apps fangirl, loves sci-fi, and spoils her two cats. You can find her in her hometown of Winooski at one of her favorite haunts.

  • Aaron SIlber

    Aaron SIlber

    Production Developer
    802-448-4001  x 711

    Aaron is the primary developer on the production team. After launching his first public website in 2006, he was hooked on programming for the Internet. The web has changed a lot since then, and Aaron's acquired the skills to build dynamic, interactive, and optimized sites that look amazing on any device. In addition to his production role, he will often assist with the maintenance and support of existing WordPress sites.

  • Casey Morrison

    Casey Morrison

    Project Manager
    802-448-4001  x 712

    Casey manages web projects for new and existing clients. He helps bring even the most complex website need to life, leveraging his past experience as a web developer and even a graphic designer, to keep things running smoothly and on budget.