New Advertising Hire

topher_pictureAs the newest employee I am in the very exciting position of taking over the fast growing digital advertising piece of Burlington Bytes. I had been working on the side with Pete and Jay for about a year on various projects and campaigns when the opportunity to come on board full time presented itself. I immediately jumped at the chance to be part of such a dynamic team. I first worked for Pete while a student at Champlain College as an intern at his first company GoTradingPost. After graduating I worked for a small tech startup in Colchester VT for five years doing online marketing, web/mobile app product development, and a myriad of other support roles. It was an incredible experience and allowed me to gain expertise in digital marketing and web analytics. I grew to appreciate how flexible and responsive small businesses can be, giving them the ability to meet clients needs on a much more personal level.

One of the most appealing things about working with Burlington Bytes is being involved with the diverse community of businesses that Vermont has to offer. Every day I get to learn about these organizations and help them connect with their customers on a number of different levels. During the short time that I have been here full time I have seen an incredible amount of growth with Burlington Bytes and cannot wait to see where the next months and years will take us!

If you have any questions about digital advertising drop me a line at for a free consultation.