What is the WP-Admin Live Support Chat Plugin?

This is a plugin developed by Burlington Bytes, providing a live chat interface that displays on the Admin side of a WordPress website. It offers our clients a direct connection to Burlington Byte’s technical support service. It was developed in the Spring of 2016 and all new websites developed by Burlington Bytes as of launch date will include this plugin by default.

Do I need to purchase support from you in order to install and use it?

The plugin is free to download and install. And yes, if you are not a current Burlington Bytes client, you will need to create an account with us and pay for our technical support services.

The goal in developing this plugin was to provide our clients with quick and accessible support for their WordPress websites. Many of our clients want to manage the content on their sites, but do so infrequently and so they might not recall how to edit a page, add a blog post, change user permissions, etc. Instead of having to open up a support ticket, lose their place on the website, and wait for an answer, this enables quick resolution to their technical inquiries without them ever having to leave the admin panel of their site.

How do I sign up for support?

If you’ve already installed the plugin navigate to the red “Get Support” tab found on the bottom-right hand corner of your admin panel. Click to open it and then click to “Chat with a Live Person.” One of our support agents will respond and we’ll work with you to get a new account set up.

If the support agent is currently offline, please email us at support@burlingtonbytes.com.

If you haven’t installed the plugin, you can download it here, and follow the steps mentioned above. Have questions before getting started? Don’t hesitate to call us at 802-448-4001.

How much does support cost?

Our hourly support rate is $116/hour. We will aggregate the number of support hours used at the end of each month and invoice you for the balance.

Anticipate becoming a frequent client? We offer a great value package of managed WordPress core, plugin updates, and one hour of support for just $100/month.

Do you offer a free trial period for support?

Not at the moment. However, let’s chat about your technical support requirements. Please give us a call at 802-448-4001 to discuss.

What if I need support on the weekends?

Burlington Bytes Technical Support hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If you send us a request during non-business hours, including the weekends, we will respond to your request within one business day.

I'd like to rebrand the plugin and offer my clients support using this. Is that possible?

Yes. Please give us a call at 802-448-4001 to discuss what your needs are.